Protectors & Sealers

Protectors & Sealers

Safeguarding your investment in carpets and furniture is essential, and our stain guard protector application service offers the ideal solution.

This protective treatment ensures that carpets and furniture last longer, maintaining their appearance and minimizing repair stress. The application is swift and simple – our team will apply the stain protection solution at your location, forming an invisible layer that doesn’t alter the look or feel. Our unique formula establishes a lasting chemical bond, providing maximum defense against stains, spills, fading, and soiling. 

Once applied, you can enjoy worry-free moments at home, protected from issues like blood, pets, wine, or children, leading to significant cost and time savings. 

Investing in our stain guard protector ensures a wise and worthwhile expenditure for the longevity and resilience of your carpets and furniture.


Our durable sealers protect various hard surfaces, including tile, grout, and natural stone. Application enhances durability, simplifies stain removal, and is suitable for surfaces like quartz, granite, glass tile, and more. 

Sealing is crucial for preventing stains, and we recommend doing it upon installation or at any stage to save on replacement costs. We provide end-to-end service, assessing your surface and applying the sealer with care. 

Contact us for efficient hard surface protection.

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